Workshop in Ancient and Contemporary Philosophy 2017/18

The Workshop in Ancient and Contemporary Philosophy meets several times throughout the academic year for the discussion of work in progress. Started in 2016/17, the second sequence of sessions in 2017/18 is devoted to themes in epistemology, ethics, and cosmology. Please find information about speakers, dates, and times below. For questions please follow this link.

Monday October 16, 10am-12noon, Philosophy Hall 716
Ricardo Salles (UNAM), “The early Stoic proofs of the intelligence of the cosmos. How Platonic are they?”
Commentators: Natalie Hejduk (Columbia University), Katy Meadows (MIT)

Monday October 30, 10am-12noon, Philosophy Hall 716
Susan Sauvé Meyer (University of Pennsylvania), “Why Pleasure and Reason are not the Good: Philebus 20b-23b”
Commentators: Huw Duffy (Stanford University), Molly Gurdon (Columbia University)

Monday November 20, 10am-12noon, Philosophy Hall 716
Elliot Paul (Barnard/Columbia University), “Clarity First”
Commentators: Emily Hulme (Princeton University), Simon Shogry (University of Oxford)

Monday November 27, 10am-12noon, Philosophy Hall 716
Dhananjay Jagannathan (Columbia University), “Long-Run Evaluation and Plato’s Alleged Anti-Hedonism”
Commentators: Giulia Bonasio (Columbia University), Marcus Gibson (Princeton University)

Monday December 11, 10am-12noon, Philosophy Hall 716
Christopher Bobonich (Stanford University), “Thinking about the Good in the Philebus
Commentators: Mariana Beatriz Noé (Columbia University), Chuyu Tian (Columbia University)

Friday February 2, 4pm-6pm, Philosophy Hall 716
Nandi Theunissen (Johns Hopkins University), “Regress Arguments for the Value of Humanity”
Commentators: Thimo Heisenberg (Columbia University), Michele Moody-Adams (Columbia University)

Friday March 23, 1pm-3pm, Philosophy Hall 716
Whitney Schwab (Maryland), “The Origin of the Concept of Knowledge”
Commentators: Elliot Paul (Barnard/Columbia University), Abram Kaplan (Columbia University)

Sponsors of this event series include Columbia University’s Classical Studies Graduate Program and Philosophy Department.