Desiring the Good in Plato

February 6 2010, Philosophy Hall 716, Columbia University

Poster by Jens Haas

Desiring the Good in Plato is a year-long research project, jointly conducted by Dimitri El Murr (Paris 1) and Katja Vogt (Columbia University). The conference is funded by the Columbia-Paris Alliance Program and by the Center for the Ancient Mediterranean, Columbia University.

The project involves a second conference, entitled Platon, Socrate et le désir du bien in Paris, April 16th and 17th 2010, organized by Dimitri El Murr.

We hope to show that contemporary discussions of the so-called Guise of the Good account of action can benefit from engaging with Plato’s discussions of motivation and agency. Plato offers distinctively different ideas than Aristotle, who is usually considered the key point of reference in antiquity for debates about the Guise of the Good account. The conferences cover a range of topics relating to Socratic psychology, Plato’s account of the Good, desire and agency, and akrasia.

Speakers and commentators in New York: Taylor Carman (Barnard College/Columbia University) Dimitri El Murr (Paris 1) Matthew Evans (NYU) Melissa Lane (Princeton University) Wolfgang Mann (Columbia University) Christiana Olfert (Columbia University) Melissa Schwartzberg (Columbia University) Iakovos Vasiliou (CUNY, Graduate Center)

Speakers in Paris: Louis-André Dorion (Université de Montreal) David Sedley (Cambridge) Malcolm Schofield (Cambridge) Christopher Rowe (Durham University) Katja Vogt (Columbia University)