Below are some videos and a syllabus. The videos are samples from a series of 22 mini lectures for “Plato: Protagoras, Phaedo, Sophist.” The series is part of the asynchronous course materials for a class of 50 students located in many parts of the world during the Spring semester 2021.

Plato 01-1: First Steps in Plato’s Protagoras

Plato 01-2: Virtue, Language, and Lying

Plato 02-1: The Unity of the Virtues

Plato 02-2: Interentailment of the Virtues

Plato 03-1: Being and Becoming

Plato 03-2: Courage and the Unity of the Virtues

Plato 04-1: What is Hedonism?

Plato 04-2: Pleasure and Perception

Plato 05-1: First Argument for the Immortality of the Soul

Plato 05-2: Recollection in the Meno and Phaedo

Plato 06-1: The Affinity Argument

Plato 06-2: The Soul Weaves the Body

Plato 07-1: The Harmony Account

Plato 07-2: Soul as Cause