Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics

Seminar and Speaker Series Spring Semester 2014, Tuesday 2:10-4pm Hamilton Hall 603, Columbia University

Poster by Jens Haas

Please note: These talks are not open to the public. They are intended for seminar participants as well as students and faculty in the New York area.

The seminar offers an upper-level introduction to Aristotle’s ethics. It functions as a survey, suitable for advanced undergraduate students and for graduate students. We cover themes that are central to Aristotle’s ethics, much-debated in scholarly literature, and influential in contemporary philosophical debates in ethics and the philosophy of action.

In the second half of the semester, three guest speakers are visiting the seminar: Simona Aimar will speak on “Aristotle on Techne,” Jessica Moss “TBA,” and Sarah Broadie on “Aristotle and Contemporary Ethics.” The seminar also hosts a Classical Dialogues event with Mariska Leunissen and two graduate student commentators from Columbia, Mark Berger and Grant Dowling, on Leunissen’s “Aristotle on Natural Character and its Implications for Moral Development.” Finally, one session will be co-taught by Katja Maria Vogt and guest speaker Marko Malink, on “Agency and Future Contingents.”

March 3: Mariska Leunissen, Chapel Hill

March 24: Simona Aimar, Barnard/Columbia

March 31: Marko Malink, NYU

April 7: Jessica Moss, NYU

April 21: Sarah Broadie, St. Andrews