2018/19: Ancient Eudaimonism and Modern Morality by Julia Annas

On Friday September 28 2018, 11am-1pm, Julia Annas from the University of Arizona discusses her paper entitled “Ancient Eudaimonism and Modern Morality.”

Comments by Giulia Bonasio (Columbia) and Mariana Beatriz Noé (Columbia). Location: Schermerhorn Hall 807, Columbia University. Please see below Julia Annas’s abstract.

When we study ancient ethics, we inevitably find ourselves thinking in terms of morality–but there are strong reasons for thinking that the ancient thinkers themselves did not have morality in their conceptual repertoire. We can deal with this by either praising or blaming the ancients for not thinking in terms of morality–or we can make use of the ancient perspective in thinking about, and investigating, morality as we understand it.

A Classical Dialogues event hosted by the Classical Studies Graduate Program CLST.