3:AM Magazine

This is an online interview with Richard Marshall for 3:AM Magazine on, as he puts it, “ancient inspired alternatives to doing ethics, on Pyrrhonian skepticism, what abstention from dogmata might mean, on how Pyrrhonians can act, on the defects of belief, on not solving Moore’s paradox, on why the Stoic political theory isn’t crazy, on why Stoics aren’t scary, on changing the conversation in ethics by following the lead of Elizabeth Anscombe, on [Vogt’s] own theory of agential action and ethics and on avoiding professional suicide when recommending books from her neck of the philosophical woods! This is one to turn your mind to the ever-urgent question: ‘what’s to be done?’…”.

The interview is also published in Ethics at 3:AM: Questions and Answers on How to Live Well, Oxford (2017).