In my books and papers, I focus on questions that figure both in ancient and contemporary discussions: What are values? What kind of values are knowledge and truth? What does it mean to want one’s life to go well? When I’m not in NYC, I’m traveling with photographer and artist Jens Haas. On The Road has become an art project and a philosophical diary.

In my most recent book, Desiring the Good: Ancient Proposals and Contemporary Theory (OUP, 2017), I aim to show in which sense it may be true that human beings are “the measure” such that this is not a relativist proposal, but an insight about the nature of ethics. I’m interested in what, if anything, morality is and in the metaphysics of value. In a project on Imagination and Agency, I aim to clarify the Aristotelian dictum that deliberation is about the possible, the range of cognitive activities involved in making the right decision, and what it means that some decision is right. I’m currently writing on Plato’s Euthyphro, Philebus, and Timaeus, as well as papers on Stoic logic. I co-authored three papers with Jens Haas, “Incomplete Ignorance” (2019), “Ignorance and Investigation” (2015), and “Love and Hatred” (2018).

I’m an editor of Nous and serve on the editorial boards of the Journal of PhilosophyApeiron, and Rhizomata, and as Associate Editor for philosophy of language, epistemology, and logic of Dialogoi: Ancient Philosophy Today.