Workshop in Ancient and Contemporary Philosophy

The Workshop in Ancient and Contemporary Philosophy meets several times throughout the academic year for the discussion of work in progress. Started in 2016/17, the second sequence of sessions in 2017/18 is devoted to themes in epistemology, ethics, and cosmology. Please find information about speakers, dates, and times below. For questions please follow this link.

Monday October 16, 10am-12noon, Philosophy Hall 716
Ricardo Salles (UNAM), “The early Stoic proofs of the intelligence of the cosmos. How Platonic are they?”
Commentators: Natalie Hejduk (Columbia University), Katy Meadows (MIT)

Monday October 30, 10am-12noon, Philosophy Hall 716
Susan Sauvé Meyer (University of Pennsylvania), “Why Pleasure and Reason are not the Good: Philebus 20b-23b”
Commentators: Huw Duffy (Stanford University), Molly Gurdon (Columbia University)

Monday November 20, 10am-12noon, Philosophy Hall 716
Elliot Paul (Barnard/Columbia University), “Clarity First”
Commentators: Emily Hulme (Princeton University), Simon Shogry (University of Oxford)

Monday November 27, 10am-12noon, Philosophy Hall 716
Dhananjay Jagannathan (Columbia University), “Long-Run Evaluation and Plato’s Alleged Anti-Hedonism”
Commentators: Giulia Bonasio (Columbia University), Marcus Gibson (Princeton University)

Monday December 11, 10am-12noon, Philosophy Hall 716
Christopher Bobonich (Stanford University), “Thinking about the Good in the Philebus
Commentators: Mariana Beatriz Noé (Columbia University), Chuyu Tian (Columbia University)

Friday February 2, 4pm-6pm, Philosophy Hall 716
Nandi Theunissen (Johns Hopkins University), “Regress Arguments for the Value of Humanity”
Commentators: Thimo Heisenberg (Columbia University), Michele Moody-Adams (Columbia University)

Friday March 16, 1pm-3pm, Philosophy Hall 716
Whitney Schwab (Maryland), “The Origin of the Concept of Knowledge”
Commentators: Elliot Paul (Barnard/Columbia University), Abram Kaplan (Columbia University)


The first sequence of sessions took place during the academic year 2016/17, with meetings devoted to ancient and contemporary ethics, social/political philosophy, metaphysics, and skepticism.


Friday October 7: Workshop in Ancient and Contemporary Ethics
Work-in-progress presentations by Columbia PhD candidates Giulia Bonasio, Zachary Herz, Sam McVane, and Christine Susienka with comments by Thimo Heisenberg (Columbia), Natalie Hejduk (Columbia), and Isabel Kaeslin (Columbia)

Friday October 21: Sextus Empiricus, Against the Arithmeticians
Lorenzo Corti (Université de Lorraine) with comments by Richard Bett (Johns Hopkins) and Máté Veres (Central European University)

Friday/Saturday October 28/29: Epistemology After Sextus Empiricus
This is a book project edited by Justin Vlasits (UC Berkeley) and Katja Maria Vogt (Columbia). Two preparatory conferences are held at Columbia University and UC Berkeley. For more information see here.

Friday, November 4: The Ethics and Neuroscience of Adjusting to Novel Situations
Elizabeth Balough (Columbia Neuroscience/Medical School) and Isabel Kaeslin (Columbia Philosophy Department) with comments by Simon Brown (Columbia) and Matthew Heeney (Columbia)

Friday, November 11: Wisdom in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics
Joachim Aufderheide (King’s College London) with comments by Shivani Radhakrishnan (Columbia) and Timothée Gauthier (Paris/Pantheon-Sorbonne)

Friday, March 31: Workshop in Ancient and Contemporary Metaphysics—The Unity of Objects
Anna Marmodoro (Oxford) with comments by Isabel Kaeslin (Columbia) and Mathias Birrer (Université du Luxembourg)

Sponsors of this event series include Columbia University’s Classical Studies Graduate Program and Philosophy Department.